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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Venues We Considered- Part 1

The first venue we looked at was the Granite Rose in Hampstead, NH.


How gorgeous is this room?

                        First dance

                                A nighttime view

The ceremony site.

The staff there is very nice and were quick to answer any and all questions whether by email or phone.

We have not fully crossed them off our list but I don't think it will really work with our theme.

With that said, the Granite Rose is gorgeous and I would recommend at least looking at it to local brides.

-Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (Oh and the walls in one of the rooms are pink!)
-Incredibly nice and helpful staff
-I have seen amazing photos taken here.
-Everything is packaged-linens, entree, cocktail hour, flowers, cake and they are all from vendors I really liked.

-Two weddings at a time! Even though they are seperate rooms and seperate gardens for the ceremony, I want my guests to feel like my wedding is the only wedding in the world that day (selfish, you bet!)
-Everything is packaged. If you did not like one of the vendors, I think you were stuck
-The food options, while plentiful, were not very flexible.

Bottom Line-Evening wedding for 100 guest with one hour of open bar would have run us about $12,000 (which is exactly what we are looking to spend on the reception) including upgrades for fancy linens and chivari chairs.

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