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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did someone say CANDY?

So I haven't picked a venue, a date or a dress but I've picked out candy :)

Pink & Yellow Swirl 2-Ounce Lollipops: 12CT Box

Pop Rocks Bubblegum: 18 Count
                          Rum Taffy: 5LBS  

Pink Lemonade Candy Sticks: 96 Count

Pink Thin Ribbon Candy: 8-Piece Box

I love these lollipops and will most likely do them as our favor with a little note attached saying we made a donation to the Victoria Snelgrove Memorial Fund http://www.victoriasnelgrove.org/

I imagine our candy buffet looking something like this

Or maybe this

Or even this

Ooooh or how about this


Look what comes in pink and yellow!


And, of course, no carnival wedding would be complete without cotton candy


And my future hubby and I have to get a pic like this!


What decisions were a no-brainer for you as part of wedding planning?


  1. I don't like candy floss but that candy floss on sticks look so wow and all of it looks yummy and has made me smile.

  2. I want cotton candy and rock candy sticks at my wedding!! Yumm!!!! I love this post, it reminded me of my childhood and provided a lot of "eye candy" :)

  3. You're making me hungry :)
    Happy to follow your blog!